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Supply of SmartCampus in Chung Ang University
Chung Ang University
Supply of SmartCampus in Korea Science Academy o..
Korea Science Academy of K..
Installation of Voice Recording System in Custom..
SK Telecom /SK C&C
Installation of video price adjustment system in..
Taewoo Green Food/NH
Supply of SmartCampus Solution to the ROK Minist..
00 Unit, Ministry of Natio..
Installation of SmartCampus in Sinangun Office O..
Sinangun Office of Educati..
Installation of SmartLearning System in POSCO
POSCO / Daulsoft
Installation of SmartVideo Learning System in EB..
LG Uplus / Edubox
Installation of SmartVideo Learning System in Gy..
Gyeongnam Educational Offi..